This PORCH is our HOME. Our own private haven from this fast-paced world. So it is because this is our home that we have certain rules of conduct. These rules ensure that our time together in this hang out will be fun, exciting, and orderly. And hey, there aren’t many rules to begin with…haha. 😛

1. This porch has a code of anonymity. All posts should keep a certain amount of anonymity for the sake of the content porchers share in this blog. The things that should be kept anonymous are the following, but not limited to of course:

  • Names of Porchers (that’s why we have pen names, right? We spent a hefty amount of time thinking of them, so please use them haha)
  • Any information that may directly relate to the identity of the Porcher (occupation, name of company employed in, organizations involved in, etc.) Just be creative. Trust me, it can be done. 🙂

2. Rants of the negative kind (is there a positive rant anyway??) are highly discouraged unless it is used to talk about something positive. (No porcher will be emo, unless given certain circumstances…oh, and we are not an LJ)

3. RESPECT the posts of each porcher. To this end, PLEASE think about your posts before actually posting them. This also isn’t facebook. Posts in the porch should be thought about carefully and clearly. Copy + Paste is just being lazy by the way. 😛

4. FIGHTS in the porch or any flamewar-like posts are NOT ALLOWED. Keep nice to your friends guys. This is a hangout for a GROUP of people, so if you have a gripe with one of them, get their email address and take it there. 😛

5. BE HONEST in this porch, and you too will receive honesty.

That’s pretty much it. Generally, these apply also to normal groups of friends, you know. Just keep it clean, and we’ll have lots of fun, and insights too. Good? Good! Welcome to the porch! Friendships await. 😀